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Domestic appliance repair and installation service


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De : Patrick, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 17/03/19

Très rapidement disponible et le seul des contacts qui m'a rappeler ! Excellent service et efficace. Un gros merci!

From : Renato, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 15/03/19

Within 48 hrs of my service call, He came,he saw and he fixed! Professional, courteous and knowledgeable..best of all, reasonably priced! :) Thank you Robert!

From : Laura, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 08/03/19

I absolutely have to share my very positive experience with BOBtech and Mr. Robet Ghaleb. I called Mr. Robert when both my mother's Maytag and my Samsung washing machines stopped working within a week of each other. The washing situation was now dire as both the upstairs and downstairs machines at at our duplex were out of service. When I called, I first asked Robert if it was worth fixing the Maytag or simply buying a new one given how old the Maytag was (we figure 1998). He advised us to fix it because those old Maytag's are excellent machines. So he came the next day and within a few minutes he had repaired the issues with Mom's Maytag. It now works like a charm again. I asked him to come upstairs to take a look at my Samsung and it turned out my motor was finished. So when we finally got the dryer off the washing machine Robert came back and replaced the motor. But here is where he went above and beyond...He ran a test cycle on my machine and noticed that it was getting an error code UF which was was causing the cycle to stop. He noticed I had no water coming in from the hot water hose leading into my machine and he actually took the time to check out my hot water heater, where my pipes led upstairs, in the garage etc. He's not a plumber but he found a solution to my problem by installing a Y hose and this stopped the error message and my machine is running as if it was new. I'll still need to call the plumber to figure out what's going on with my hot water but the thing is Robert spent over an hour figuring this out for me and it had nothing to do with the machine and everything to do with my plumbing. In this rush, rush crazy world it is so very refreshing to meet someone who is willing to go above and beyond. Both Mom and I found Robert to be very courteous, professional and simply kind and so I am very happy to provide this recommendation. I am sure you will find the same when you interact with him. Laura

De : Philippe, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 25/02/19

Très bon service ; Honnête, courtois et rapide.

De : Mathieu, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 16/02/19

Service rapide et minutieux. Très satisfait. Je le recommande sans hésiter.

De : Jacques Yves, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 01/02/19

Le réfrigérateur de ma chère maman ne refroidissait plus. Il a plus de 25 ans, sinon plus de 30 ans: que faire? On achète un neuf à 1000$? Difficile d’espérer que l’on puisse s’en tirer autrement. M. Ghaleb avait fait quelques « miracles » pour moi dans les dernières années. J’ai pris la chance de l’appeler à 9 :00 un vendredi matin. À 15:30 le jour même il était à la maison. En un peu plus de 30 minutes, il avait identifié le problème au niveau du ventilateur, obstrué par un débris. Une fois retiré, le réfrigérateur fonctionnait parfaitement! Merci Monsieur Bob et que Dieu vous bénisse : c’est une richesse de connaître un technicien comme vous!

De : Roger, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 01/02/19

Super service de M Robert... je le recommande fortement! La communication est facile et le service est excellent... vous etes en bonnes mains avec lui. 

From : Zakhari, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 21/01/19

Outstanding, prompt and professional service that is hard to find. After two repairmen failed to fix my KitchenAid fridge, Robert diagnosed and repaired the fridge without any delay. Highly recommended. Thank you Robert..

De : Emilie, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 21/01/19

Très bon service et très efficace. Je suis satisfaite du travail de Monsieur Robert Ghaleb. Merci d'avoir régler mon problème de sécheuse aussi rapidement.

De : Carole, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 27/12/18

Excellent service, rapidité, courtoisie et professionnalisme, voici ce qui décrit M.Ghaleb...J'ai eu recours à ses services 2 fois et je n'hésiterais pas à le recommander….Merci...

From : Kathy, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 26/12/18

I found Robert online and read his fabulous reviews... thank you to all that reviewed before me! Robert fixed my stove in record time! He is professional and efficient. Thank you Robert! I will be calling Robert with all my appliance needs and highly recommend him!

De : Lena, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 22/12/18

​​​​​Merci Bob, d'avoir venu en toute urgence deux apres un appel. Ma laveuse a ete reparer dans une heure, une service impeccable!!!! Je le recommende fortement et un homme super! Merci Bob!!!!!

De : Sarah-Maude, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 17/12/18

Bob est un vrai professionnel. Il était sensé arriver entre 9:00 et 14:00 et il est arrivé à 10:30 ce qui est, comme on le sait, très bien. La réparation a pris à peine vingt minutes et tout était réglé! Merci encore !

De : Boulet, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 17/11/18

EXCELLENT! Très professionnel et courtois. M.Ghaleb est arrivé chez nous et en moins d'une minute savait déjà quel était le problème avec notre frigo. Il a complété le travail en moims d'une heure et s'est même montré soucieux de notre bien être en nous disant quel bouffe jeter etc pour ne pas prendre de risque. Il est propre et très respectueux dans sa demarche. Il a 44 années d'expériences et ça paraît! Nous le recommandons fortement!

From : Wayne, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 12/11/18

Excellent prompt service. Friendly, polite and honest. Fair pricing. Repair performed in 20 minutes. Would definitely recommend and call again.

From : Jean, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 25/10/18

Very professional and courteous service. I recommend Bob Tech.

From : Noni, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 20/10/18

Amazing service! Very knowledgeable and kind

De : Robert, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 13/10/18

Juste pour dire que je suis très satisfait du service de BOBtech. J’ai utiliser ces services à deux reprise pour une sécheuse et lave-vaisselle. Un très bon service. Robert Dansereau

From : Joseph, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 03/10/18

​​​​Just a quick 'thank you' for Mr. Ghaleb. He came when he said he would, he didn't treat me like a fool, he was very straightforward, no surprise charges, and directed me towards further help on how to deal with my appliance problem because he couldn't help (the appliance was too old and he didn't have the part needed; I should certainly still describe him as a competent technician).

De : Anouk, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 09/08/18

Merci pour le service rapide et courtois.

From : Wendy, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 08/08/18

Excellent service, prompt and courteous. Highly recommend his services. Thank you Robert!

From : Michel, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 02/08/18

I have been using Bob Tech services since 2015 for our Electromenager , very good professional , fast response & efficient services. I highly recommend to use Bob Tech services.

De : Ian, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 31/07/18

C'est la 2e fois que je fais affaire avec Robert. Service rapide et courtois. Je recommande!

De : Benoit, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 21/07/18

Appel et visite le jour meme, probleme regle!

De : David, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 18/07/18

​​​​​Mr. Robert Ghaleb est venu nous réparer la machine à laver. Il l'a réparé . Il a beaucoup d"expertise dans son domaine . Il est rapide et courtois Satisfaction totale

From : Phillips, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 30/06/18

​​​​Robert was prompt in his reply, came the next day, right on time & fixed my washer without any unnecessary wasted time. Polite & efficient. . Hopefully nothing else breaks down, but, he will be my first & only call. Came Saturday on a holiday weekend!

From : Rick, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 18/06/18

prompt, and excellent service. Moreover, Bob new exactly what the problem was and quickly proceed to repair my fridge. Awesome guy, with an EXCELLENT service. thank you Bob! Rick

From : Jeffrey, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 16/06/18

Robert is a true professional. He showed up right on time; repaired my washing machine; explained how to care for my appliance; and charged exactly what he said he'd charge. AND, he came on a Saturday (and didn't charge a premium)!

From : Daniel, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 07/04/18

​​​​​Bob was amazing! He answered my call quickly, and was quick to fit me into his schedule. He had my dishwasher repaired quickly, and was very professional and polite. I highly recommend his services to anybody seeking appliance repair!

From : Antonela, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 30/03/18

​​​​​Excellent service! Thank you Bob for your professionalism. I appreciated the prompt answer to my call.

From : Sabrina, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 17/03/18

Bob was professional, quick, efficient and a pleasure to talk to. Not only did he identify the problem quickly, he also took the time to explain it and show me how to make sure it doesn't happen again. I would recommend his services to anyone. Thank you Bob.

De : Rafca, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 05/03/18

Le numéro de Bobtech est comme Le 911 pour electroménagers ... Il a pu diagnostiquer Le problème par téléphone et même Le régler rapidement par téléphone.... un homme digne de tout professionnalisme et de courtoisie .... à recommmander

From : Michael, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 17/01/18

Robert identified the washing machine problem quickly and repaired it expertly. Furthermore, he is a true gentleman. I am pleased to have met him.

From : Tracey, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 06/01/18

I called about my dishwasher not draining properly and Bob knew what was wrong right away. He came the next day and fixed it immediately. Great, prompt service.

De : Audrey, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 04/01/18

Nous avons contacté Robert pour une troisième fois! Et nous n'avons jamais été déçus! Professionnel et sympathique à la fois! Quoi demander de plus... réponses toujours rapides et RDV faciles à obtenir. Il a la solution à tout! Appelez-le, vous ne serez pas déçus! Vous avez ma parole!

From : Michel, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 03/01/18

Fast, courteous and professional service! Problem fixed in less than 10 minutes. Highly recommended for any appliance repair.

De : Denise, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 11/11/17

J'ai donné les coordonnées de Bob à tous mes amis. Il a été super disponible, aimable et a réglé mon problème en un rien de temps. On a tous besoin de Bob!

De : Manuela, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 01/11/17

 Bob est LA personne à appeler pour toutes pannes concernant l'électroménager. Appelé à 8h45 pour mon frigo, il était à la maison à 10h30. La panne était diagnostiquée en 2 mn et, il avait la pièce dans son camion. Un véritable sauveur! Et, cerise sur le gâteau, il est très aimable, authentique et possède ces valeurs humaines que l'on ne trouve malheureusement plus beaucoup... Merci encore!

From : Karen, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 21/10/17

I contacted this service for the first time for a fridge that had stopped cooling. It happened to be a Friday evening; and I was not hopeful that I would be able to procure anyone. Bob arrived the next morning, prepared with the motherboard I would need and fixed the problem quickly. I also noticed a long list of appointments he had for the day. He told me that since I have a young child he prioritized the request. I'm pretty cynical overall, but I quickly realized that he is genuine. Based on his work and speed, it's obvious that Bob is highly skilled. Before leaving he also emphasized what I needed to throw out from the fridge. Warmth and kindness--an unexpected bonus from an electrical repair. Will recommend to friends.

From : Marcelline, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 16/09/17

I would highly recommend Bob for any electrical problems you may have with your appliances. He was courteous, professional, cheerful and on time! He quickly identified the problem with my microwave and made sure that I was satisfied with the work when he was finished. By far one of the most pleasant experiences I have with a service company. A-1 service!

De : Christian, Montréal, Qc  - Date : 20/08/17 

Bob à fait un excellent travail pour réparer notre four. Son service était efficace, et en plus il est très gentil. Merci Bob!

From : Robert, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 31/07/17 

Bob gave me a very good service and was very helpful, also very professional!

From : Marcelline, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 16/09/17

I would highly recommend Bob for any electrical problems you may have with your appliances. He was courteous, professional, cheerful and on time! He quickly identified the problem with my microwave and made sure that I was satisfied with the work when he was finished. By far one of the most pleasant experiences I have with a service company. A-1 service!

De : Christian, Montréal, Qc  - Date : 20/08/17 

Bob à fait un excellent travail pour réparer notre four. Son service était efficace, et en plus il est très gentil. Merci Bob!

From : Robert, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 31/07/17 

Bob gave me a very good service and was very helpful, also very professional!

From : Elie, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 29/07/17 

Mr. Bob is amazing, he’s highly professional, he’s a very good communicator, and he’ll find a solution to any problem, I’ll recommend Mr. Bob, he’s the best!

De : Michelle, Montreal, Qc  - Le : 09/05/17

Bob est un réparateur hors pair. Non seulement est-il hautement compétent, il est d'une gentillesse incroyable. Je l'appelle toujours pour mes réparations, j'ai enregistré son numéro dans mon téléphone et c'est ma référence no 1 pour tout ce qui a besoin de réparation. Bob tech arrive, inspecte en 2 minutes il donne son diagnostique. Il a toute les pièces dans son camion, pas de va et viens... le tour est joué en moins d'une heure. Je le recommande fortement !

From : Rafca, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 24/04/17 

Mr Bob est une personne à recommander sans discussion... excellent service, professionnel, intelligent, rapide et efficace.... Merci Bob pour ton travail et ton temps pour réparer notre frigo.... Ton nom et ton numéro seront retenus à jamais.....

From : Nicolas, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 09/03/17

Quick response, on time , efficient, knowledgeable, competent. Perfect service. Thank you ! Nick

From : Jason, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 23/02/17

Excellent, professional and honest service. Did not try to recommend buying unnecessary parts when they could easily be fixed. Responded very quickly to our service call and was on time. Definitely a number to keep on file for future use. 5 Stars! Thank you so much Bob!

From : Cynthia, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 18/02/17

Bob was extremely professionnal, efficient and knowledgeable. He came highly recommended by some friends and he did not disappoint. He solved our issue very quickly and has very reasonable pricing. From now on Bob is our TO GO Ampliance guy ! Really happy to have met him :)

From : Gregory, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 08/02/17

Bob is very professional, honest, and efficient. Don't bother calling anyone else. I have recommended him to family and friends and everyone is very happy. 

From : Aline, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 07/02/17

Speedy quick response, arrived on time and knew exactly what to do. Thank you Bob! Highly recommended.

De : Joanne, Montreal, Qc  - Le : 30/01/17

Bob est venu rapidement chez moi réparer le lave-linge qui coulait. Il est honnête et généreux. À ma demande il a aussi nettoyé mon boyau de sèche-linge. Cordial et sympathique, je le recommande sans hésitation.

From : Yvonne, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 17/01/17

Mr.Bob did a great job for us, in a most timely manner. He also went above the call of duty in helping us with the installation of a new machine. We are very grateful and would highly recommend his services.

From : Rima, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 17/01/17

Excellent service! Robert was very accommodating, I got an appointment very fast. He is very kind and knowledgeable. My machine didn't end up having a problem to be fixed. I would think the price would remain the same but I got charged an extra 30$ for him having to explain a few things on my washing machine. Was a little bit disappointed in that.

From : Antoine, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 08/01/17

Bob did a great job for me, I had a problem with my fridge, when he came he gave me several advices for the washing machine that saved me a lot of money. I highly recommend him.

From : Penelope, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 06/01/17

What can I say, but only the best comments for Mr. Bob. Fantastic, reliable and rapid service. Mr. Bob found the problem with my samsung top load washer within 10 min. I was struggling with technicians from Samsung for 2 weeks and they were not able to assist me. A family member recommend me to Mr. Bob and I am grateful for that. Thank you again Mr. Bob. Will definitely recommend you for your services to others

De : Marc, Montreal, Qc  - Le : 21/10/16

Bob c'est le Top! nous l'avons appelé d'urgence et il est venu nous aider en moins de 24 heures comparé à une semaine d'attente avec d'autres compagnie. Extrêmement compétent (nous avons une laveuse Miele ce qui n'est pas évident. Tout a été réparé en un clin d'oeil. Service 5 étoiles. Je le recommande fortement! 

De : Mariline, Montreal, Qc  - Le : 20/10/16

C'est la deuxième fois que Bob tech vient chez nous. Très professionnel, à l'heure, très courtois. Je le recommende vivement. Il connait son affaire.  

From : Benny, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 10/12/16

Thank you for an excellent service. Prompt and you with the problems was and quickly fixed it. 

From : Samia, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 04/12/16

I have been using Bob Tech services since 2010, very good professional & efficient services. I highly recommend to use Bob Tech services.

From : Yvana, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 30/11/16

This is the second time we use Bob services in the past 5 years. On time and good professional services from the first visit. Keep up the good work Bob. I will recommend him to my family & friends.

From : Tamara, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 30/11/16

Very good service. Prompt and very experienced. Great pricing!

From : Judy, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 19/11/16

Good morning, You came to fix my dishwasher the other day on 7493 bailey Rd , well it's not working again! I need service ASAP ! Please get back to me ASAP . Thank you , Judy

From : Dany, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 11/11/16

Good professional and quick service thank you Robert

From : Nicole, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 29/10/16

Bob provides excellent service and I am very happy to recommend him to anyone. I called Bob on a Friday night for my dryer and he came on Saturday morning to fix it. He called half an hour in advance to confirm the appointment and was on time. Bob was very professional and friendly! He immediately identified the problem and fixed it quickly. Method of payment was easy. I trust him and will definitely call him again for his services in the future. Thanks Bob!

From : Natasha, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 20/10/16

I am very happy with Bob's service. He took the time to explain to me easy ways to keep my dishwasher in tip top shape. He was patient and friendly. Recommend highly

De : Nathalie, Montreal, Qc  - Le : 17/10/16

Merci pour l'excellent service d'un soir de semaine. Très apprécier. :)

From : Mark, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 16/10/16

I am extremely happy with Bob and his service. He fixed the problem and even gave us clear directions to help prevent the problem we had with the refrigerator. On top of that he was also very clear and cautious to explain the potential health issues from consuming food that could have spoiled even though it wouldn't have been evident by looking at it. You can trust Bob - he is a kind soul.

From : Adam, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 11/10/16

We are very happy about the service we received from BOBtech Électroménagers Inc. Service was quick and efficient. Our dishwasher is working like a new one! Easy method of payment as well. Thank you Robert! :) Iseult and Adam

From : Tammy, Montréal, Qc   - Date : 29/09/16

Fast, friendly service!

De : Valérie, Montreal, Qc  - Le : 29/09/16

Ce matin 8h mon frigo est chaud, mon congélateur fait de la glace qui sort par dessus le tiroir. 11h30 tout est réparé. Mr. Robert est fantastique, efficace, souriant et courtois. Merci Mr. Robert.

From : Maria, Montréal, Qc   - Date : 29/09/16

Bob excellent job today and my children also thank-you for now the laundry can get done again. Have a great day

From : Frank, Montréal, Qc   - Date : 27/09/16

Bob great service today old fashion polite great job caring loved it thanks Frank Where else do you need reference on your site you can use my note best service in years!!! Very happy

De : Carole, Montreal, Qc  - Le : 17/09/16

Un appel fait le samedi matin vers 10h pour mon frigo défectueux et ...13h00 , tout était réparé....un gros merci à M. Robert pour son excellent travail, sa courtoisie et son professionnalisme...je n'hésiterais pas une seconde à refaire appel à lui ainsi qu'à le recommander...Encore merci ....

From : Antonio, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 13/09/16

Last week We had a very good professional service from Robert at bobtech. He was able to fix our Dryer. We will recommend his services to our family and friends.

From : Michele, Montreal, Qc  - Date : 12/09/16

We had a good professional service this weekend from bob tech. He fixed our freezer water filter. We will call him again and recommend his services to our friends any time.

From : Mary, Laval, Qc  - Date : 19/08/16

My name is Mary from Chomedey, Laval on August 19th, 2016 My dishwasher had flashing lights and stopped working. I made a call to Bob the technician who was at my house the same day. I can't thank him enough for his honesty, profressionalism and very fast, efficient and courteous service he gave me. His fees are also lower compared to the competition. He also took the time to explain how to properly maintain a dishwasher. Very caring person I would highly recommend him anytime I have anything to repair. The dishwasher was working again. Thanks to Bobtech!

From : M k, Montréal, Qc  - Date : 12/08/16

I was extremely happy with your company professional services this week. Bob arrived on time and fixed our freezer ice making machine, I will recommend his professional services to my friends.

De : Jacky, Montréal, Qc  - Le : 13/08/16

Toute famille doit avoir sous la main les cordonnees d'une personne de confiance qui peut repondre dans les plus brefs delais aux appels d'urgence et la notre est M. Robert Ghaleb qui a repare nos electromenagers avec succes a plusieurs reprises. Nous le remercions infiniment pour son assistance.

From : Michel k, Montréal, Qc  - Date : 12/08/16

Good professional service.

From : Orville, Montréal, Qc  - Date : 12/08/16

Fast service. Robert was very friendly and informative.I would recommend his service to anyone.He's the person I would call for any future repairs.

From : John, Montréal, Qc  - Date : 29/07/16

Extremely happy with service provided. Robert kept his promise to fix our dishwasher, I would recommend his services to others.

De : Jorj, Montréal, Qc  - Le : 25/08/16

Robert répond à l'appel. Quand ma lessiveuse n'a plus fonctionné, il a fallu un simple téléphone pour que Robert soit présent. Fonctionnel, propre et un sens de troubleshooting très rassurant. Merci Robert pour ton service impeccable et pour tes conseils essentiels.

De : Michelle R, Montréal, Qc  - Le : 24/06/16


Lorsque ma cuisinière a fait défaut récemment, j'ai fait appel aux services et je ne l'ai pas regretté!

Votre réponse à mon appel fait pendant la journée du dimanche a été très rapide : la soirée même! Puis le lendemain matin, j'ai reçu un appel de M. Robert et en deux jours ma cuisinière fonctionnait de nouveau!

Merci beaucoup à M. Robert pour sa rapidité, son professionnalisme et sa courtoisie. Si jamais un autre de mes électros ménagers faisait défaut, je ferai certainement de nouveau appel à vos services!

Do not hesitate to request more information about our services.